Monday, September 20, 2010

We All Breathe Fashion

Language is the main source of communication around the world and your eyes are the seeds of your creations. When meeting a person from a foreign country, the first thing you notice about them is their clothing. This triggers a conversation. It creates a connection between you, the clothes and the person you are talking to. You collect inspirations and ideas by communicating with your eyes and your mind blossoms a closet full of ethnic yet modern creations.  I observe this a lot in every outfit I see on the street or even on the runway, no matter which country I am in. I stop and think, how and why did they put those garments together?  What thoughts were going through their minds? Are they just following the latest Fashion trends? When you really think about it, Fashion Designers set off the fashion trends for every season. Where do they get their ideas and designs? From the elements of what completes the world; people, culture, religion and everything in between through communication. 

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