Monday, September 20, 2010

مرحبا عالم الموضة

Welcome Fashion World!

I would like to start with a brief introduction about myself! My name is Sérina Alayed, I was born in Amman, Jordan and so far have lived in four unforgettable countries throughout my life. My ethnicities/nationalities consists of Italian, Jordanian and British. I currently live in the world's #1 Fashion capital, New York City, of course! =)

This blog will reflect on how I perceive Fashion and how I see it as an international language and a bridge between cultures. Since I travel yearly visiting family and friends around the world, I am highly and continuously exposed to different cultures, religions and people. Those 3 key things impact the Fashion World unbelievably. It happens so naturally that you probably don't even realize you’re influenced by those principles. However, being exposed to such enriching motives on a daily basis, made me realize that those impacting influences and inspirations were revealed in my personal designs and drawings. So I am here to present examples from each country that I’ve visited and explain how each style influences one another, and how fashion is one of the major communicators between cultures. 

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