Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The French & Japanese Cultures

Hiyaaa, I thought I'd share some of the interesting information I found a while ago about the French & Japanese distinctive styles of clothing, and how they both developed an appreciation & curiosity for each others Fashion. Many designers from France and Japan began a dialogue and cooperation that led to fashion incorporated elements from both countries. This new fashion was a new and exciting fusion of the two cultures in the 20th century. The Japanese designers began to work for the French Fashion industry and incorporated elements in their designs that mirrored their heritage such as cherry blossoms , their traditional kimono, Mount Fuji and geisha.  After 200 years of isolation in Japan, this new openness in design made the Western and French people view Japanese designers with more appreciation. This ethnic drive of fashion is what triggered the attraction and communication between the two countries. French fashion designers and fashion design houses, like Cacharel Femme and Commes de Garcons became fascinated by these Japanese designers, and therefore joined them, creating multi-cultural clothing lines of both French and Japanese influences. Also, many couturiers, such as Charles Worth and Coco Chanel took great interest into Japanese traditional materials, prints and patterns and used them throughout their collections. There has been a very strong influence of Japanese fashion on French fashion and it has produced a new cross-cultural fashion. To me this certainly, answers the question of whether fashion acts as a bridge between cultures. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Creation

I really didn't want to take that photo of me wearing this dress because I'm not a model, but it only fits me! I made & designed this cocktail dress this past summer. It's made out of pure Italian black 100% satin, lace and net. It's my shorter/modern version of a Victorian dress, with the flow of pleads, the use of floral lace and overall bell shape of the dress. I hope you like it =)

Nomadic Dress

Here is the first dress I designed and produced, in 2008, that incorporates elements of the three cultures I grew up in my household, which are Jordanian, Italian and British.  This gave me the opportunity to express the intertwining Fashion connection I have with my personal background.

The Jordanian influence I used was the antique silver Bedouin jewelry sewn on to the dress below.

I used the drapery and elegancy of the traditional Roman toga. I really wish the photograph was in higher quality and the dress on a mannequin! Oh well.

I created the foundation for this pattern by manipulating my initials and I used the famous British Plaid motif to complete it.

We All Breathe Fashion

Language is the main source of communication around the world and your eyes are the seeds of your creations. When meeting a person from a foreign country, the first thing you notice about them is their clothing. This triggers a conversation. It creates a connection between you, the clothes and the person you are talking to. You collect inspirations and ideas by communicating with your eyes and your mind blossoms a closet full of ethnic yet modern creations.  I observe this a lot in every outfit I see on the street or even on the runway, no matter which country I am in. I stop and think, how and why did they put those garments together?  What thoughts were going through their minds? Are they just following the latest Fashion trends? When you really think about it, Fashion Designers set off the fashion trends for every season. Where do they get their ideas and designs? From the elements of what completes the world; people, culture, religion and everything in between through communication. 

مرحبا عالم الموضة

Welcome Fashion World!

I would like to start with a brief introduction about myself! My name is Sérina Alayed, I was born in Amman, Jordan and so far have lived in four unforgettable countries throughout my life. My ethnicities/nationalities consists of Italian, Jordanian and British. I currently live in the world's #1 Fashion capital, New York City, of course! =)

This blog will reflect on how I perceive Fashion and how I see it as an international language and a bridge between cultures. Since I travel yearly visiting family and friends around the world, I am highly and continuously exposed to different cultures, religions and people. Those 3 key things impact the Fashion World unbelievably. It happens so naturally that you probably don't even realize you’re influenced by those principles. However, being exposed to such enriching motives on a daily basis, made me realize that those impacting influences and inspirations were revealed in my personal designs and drawings. So I am here to present examples from each country that I’ve visited and explain how each style influences one another, and how fashion is one of the major communicators between cultures.